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April 27, 2010



I am so proud of you.
Just know that, 'k?


What a wonderful post, Deb. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


Thanks to Google reader, it doesn't matter how often you post; your posts pop up, and this lurker is grateful.


Thank you, Deb. This is beautiful. You have woven the sentimental and the practical together the way only the Maritimers I know can do, and I'm proud to say you made me cry.


What a wonderful post, Deb! Sending big hugs to you!


Thank you for sharing.

I only met Mary one time but I know she was a remarkable woman...she had to have been, she produced you <3

Can't wait to hear all about Mexico when you get back. Take care, be safe, have a fancy drink with an umbrella for me. Maybe something that comes in cup made out of a coconut or something.


Thank you for sharing your story. There's not much more to say then that.


What an inspring story and gift. You were very lucky to have such a great connection with your mom! Thanks for sharing!


Deb, I am proud of you for sharing this with all of us. I wish I had known your mother while she was alive, but knowing you I see her wonderful qualities still alive in you.. a capital k Knitter. Knit on...


Deb, thanks for sharing your story.


Your Mom sounds like a wonderful lady Deb, Thanks for sharing such a difficult story... So sorry for your loss.

Steph VW

Deb, I'm so glad that you shared this and just has it has my already well-used tear ducts flowing I hope it keeps your blog flowing with words. Ok, bad metaphor, but I tried.

You have told your story of Mary with grace, respect, humour and the love of a daughter. It's beautiful.



Thank you for this. I just lost my mom as of April 5th and it gives me comfort to know that there might come a time when I'll feel like engaging with the world again.


((((hugs)))) Thank you for sharing Deb. And your mom is so amazingly proud of you. Keep writing!! And knitting for us!


((hugs)) Your mom sounds like she was an amazing woman. Thank you for telling us this story.


Thank you for sharing, Deb.


Deb, this post was a wonderful tribute to your mother. It seems you carry many of her traits in you, especially the warmth, humour and perseverance that you've described here.

Thank you for sharing this with us, it brought tears to my eyes.


Deb, I'm so glad to have had the honor and pleasure of spending that short but lovely few days among you and your mom (and that lovely collection of Nova Scotia Wonder Women!) It afforded me the special gift of being able to witness firsthand the beautiful friendship you and your mom shared. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for your commitment to seeing your mom's wishes for you (and your dreams for yourself!) through to fruition. Cheers and a big hug to my Canadian L'il Sis, -e



That was a lovely post, lovingly crafted from your experience. I learned to knit during a serious illness myself, and I know how intertwined our knitting becomes with our lives, and what a comfort it can be in times of trouble. Thank you so much for sharing the story and may your creativity continue to flow.

Deborah Robson

Thank you. Welcome back. You're mother's watching every stitch and she's proud of you--I didn't know her, but I know that.

Betty Salpekar

Deb, your writing is as excellent as your knitting! Thank you for this blog post -- I found it just two days after my father passed away, and your eloquence has helped me.

Nancy Ouellette

It was very touching to read about your time with your mom during her illness and how the knitting became such a bond. I have fond memories from Cabot Street. Often think of Mary as I get out my needles & yarn even though I will never reach the proficiency of the Orridge family. Love from Edmonton!!


Thanks for sharing this. How beautiful that you had a common love to share through such a difficult period. My dad died at 65 shortly before I moved to the U.S., and my mum died at 68, a year after I got here. It heartens me to read about those who have been able to spend meaningful time with their parents during their final journey. And you write about it so well. I missed your posts during your long absences, but you're still at the top of my knitting blog list.


Thank you. What a lovely post.

I spoke of you during my own mother's final illness. My brother is a pharmacist, and I knew it would bring a smile to his face to hear of the amazing knitting pharmacist.

It did and that bright flash of humor and admiration of your skill gave us a bit of comfort during the vigil we were holding at Mom's bedside.

Thanks again, for sharing this story and so many of your projects.

Jeannie Fagerstrom

I can't begin to tell you how your post has touched me.
My mother crossed over suddenly in 1997 and there was no time to grieve because I had 2 small children and my devastated father to hold together.
He stayed on earth till 2001 and crossed over suddenly as well.
Your beautiful words and the love that's evident in your story are such a gift. You have no idea how wonderful.
I have knitted your Back to Basics Socks more than any other pattern and I have wondered why I love them so much. I think one of the reasons is because you were so close to your mother as you finished the design.
When I knit Back to Basics I have a sense of great comfort and peace and a sense of I don't know... family and connection to family and the Higher Power.
I was missing my mother terribly yesterday and how interesting that I would come across this post today. I can think of her with love and gratitude today instead of just sorrow and longing, and I thank you and your mother for giving me a chance to feel close to you, your mother and my mom.
Love and Blessings, my prayers for your continued recovery, and knit on...:0)

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