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    2.25 mm needles
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February 10, 2008



Well, I have mine all in one place, but that makes it a lot more overwhelming. In fact, I'm in the process of destashing a bit if it.


Now that's a stash to be admired


Good luck with that...if it helps, consider it the "staging area" instead of "stash room"...after all, it's just yarn waiting to be invited to the living room.


I'm trying to finish up some things that hae been kicking around for a while. While casting on for a new tank top....

Steph VW

I think I'm going to have to cut myself off from my knitting needles. They get me into trouble... asking for new projects and new yarn. They're belligerent and snobbish - no project is good enough for them; they want more...

Stupid knitting needles.


"Until I change my mind." I love that. Pretty much how it is with all decisions I make.


I am really committed to using my stash yarn this year. Really. (I'm a bit broke right now so its a good thing I bought all that yarn over the past few years, yes? Whew.)

I can't remember which house is yours on the street that shall not be named on the internets. I have it in my head that you live in the Fishers' old house. Or do they still live there and you live in another one?


Good luck brave knitter. You venture where so many fear to tread.


That is not that much. Trust me. This is from someone who just moved to the UK and brought only one closet of yarn with.
We will not speak of how much is in containers and cupboards and baskets and on shelves and in the attic of our house in Germany.

Any thing you knit out of a basket lets you replace it from stash....

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