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    3.25 mm needles
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    2.25 mm needles
    $5.00 US

  • Rosy Rings Scarf
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    4 mm needles
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    3.5 mm needle(s)
    $5.00 US

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    5 mm needle
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    $4.00 US

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    1-2 skeins tilli tomas Disco Lights
    6 mm needle(s)
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January 05, 2008



Your list of FO socks is impressive. I'm curious as to your preferred method for knitting socks. I'm always looking for ways improve my speed. You know, so much sock yarn, so little time for knitting it up.

I can knit a complete pair in a week. I've never actually tallied the hours needed but I think I will. I long to clothe the feet of all my loved ones (and myself).


It is fucking impressive (pardon the language but 79 pairs of socks in one year is a little mind blowing)! I would say I am speechless but the one word that keeps coming to mind is F---! Way to go Deb!


Holy Crap! That's a lot of socks!!!


Woweee that is very impressive .. I started making socks last June, not worked out how many pairs though.. perhaps I should!
Your knitting inspires a lot of us and keep up the good work :)

Steph VW

Lord liftin' love a duck - 79 pairs of socks = 158 singles?

If each pair is roughly 21 000 stitches then you knit 1, 659, 000 stitches with sock yarn last year.

Slacker. If it weren't for the lung issue, I bet you could have reached 2 million.


That is incredible amount of socks. You are my sock hero!


You blow my mind! I'm thinking about setting a 12 pair challenge for myself for 2008. I can hear myself 'encouraging' myself now "If Deb can knit 79 pairs in a year, surely Shirley (don't call me Shirley!) you can knit 12!" :)

Thanks for all of your inspiration! I've been looking at some of your finished socks lately and making a list of "to knits."


Put a Sock in it

I feel faint! I set a target of 13 pairs for 2007, and was made up to complete 21. 79 pairs is a fabulous achievement. Congrats! =)

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