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December 13, 2007



Keep getting better!


Hey Deb!
I'm with Steph - can't believe that there are people born in the eighties who are legally "adult". Pish-posh and nonsense. Hope you're feeling better and back to knitting in no time.


Hey! I was born in the 80s and am married, have set up home and a good career :p

I have only just seen all this so all the best. Hope you are home soon and back to your jolly self fairly quickly. Take care xx

Rebecca Logan

Glad you're in recovery mode - I miss your bloggy musings (although thanks to Steph for the efficient & witty fill-in).

Thanks for another great sock pattern for those of us with the generously sized feet (I'm an 11 wide) - and love the shoes! Details, please?

Keep on getting better,



Good to hear that you are recovering. There are too many kids around doing grownup stuff! I mean- I'm not getting any older, but suddenly so many of those little brats I remember from my schooldays are just serious, hardworking, responsible adults! Whatever happened???
Take care:-)


Hi Deb,

Hope you're now on the mend and back to knitting soon. Use this time for yourself and getting better. Hope you get home soon. Miss you!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care,



If cute interns works at getting you feeling better - I'm all for that!! Hope you're on the way home soon.


As a 'born in the 60's' person, I can say it is a bit interesting to have your doctor younger than I am. I'm also having a tough time with baking wedding cakes for people I taught in 6th grade. Oh well!


Deb, I hope you feel better. I always enjoy your patterns and am continually awed by your sock knitting prowess. I hope your IV isn't interfering with your knitting, or at the very least that you have a few good pattern books to look at so you can knit in your mind. Blessings to you and your family for a merry and healthy Christmas.

(And the people I teach every day were born in the '90's!)


What a sucky time go be sick!

Best healing wishes and hope that the coming weather doesn't prevent family and friends from bringing you cheer!

From another ns knitter.

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