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October 13, 2007


Debbie B

Congratulations! That's a massive achievement - and man, are you ever ahead of the game re: gift knitting! And yup, if it was a pinky-red wooly yarn, then it was most likely Natural Dye Studios. How did you like working with it?


Congratulations. I've been following the 52 Pair Plunge blog but am not a participant. I like sock knitting but not quite that much. You've accomplished a lot and your socks are beautiful.


Wow. You are amazing!


Congratulations and what an achievement!
You have made my desire to own a copy of Cat's new book even more so with these last pairs of socks.. roll on for when its available here in the UK.
From 52 pairs of socks you have created 52 pairs of happy feet.

Steph VW

wow. 52 pairs. I'd love to see a photo of them all together, but I suspect that many of them have been gifted.


Holy Crap!! That's all I can say. Good work.

And do you like orange (its my favorite color!) - a lot of the sock yarns you've used look orange-y in hue.


Wow! I'm impressed! And you've knitted other stuff in between your socks too! The socks al look great!


Yay!!!! Congrats on the completion of the 52 pair plunge. You are indeed superwoman!! What's up next? Please keep blogging, as I so enjoy reading it.


WOW - an amazing feat(feet)!
The unbelievable part is that you made all different beautiful patterns, not just simple stockinette - even ending with brand new sock architecture - I am so impressed!


congratulations! whew! it was great reading about all of your socks. thanks. also congrats on the beautiful sock pattern on knitty.com. they are really nice!

Cat Bordhi

Hey Deb - you are the most prolific sock knitter I know, and a wonderful designer as well! What now? 52 hats? That would be easy compared to your actually 104 socks.

I love what you did with the ribbing placement on the Jeweled Steps.

I think now you ought to go on tour with your 52 socks.

All best wishes to you for continued joyful knitting and creative discoveries . . .



I LOVE pairs 49 & 50! I think I must buy the new pathways book just for pair # 50 alone - it's awesome! Nicely done, and congrats on finishing the plunge!


Congrats! You've succeeded in blowing my mind (52 pairs in such a short time - holy cr@p!!!), making me drool, and confirming my suspicion that you are brilliant, just brilliant.

I'm loving the Cat Bordhi book too, and am on the second of a pair of the Riverbed sockitecture, made in Maizy (82% corn fiber!!!), with a lace pattern adapted from my Estonian lace pattern book. Will post once I buy a new digital camera (mine when phoot when I wasn't looking).

Keep up the great work.


Wow! Congratulations, crazy lady! I'm very impressed.

Based on my current sock-knitting speed, in six months, I would be able to knit... one-and-a-half pairs of socks. That's not very close to fifty-two.


... I don't know whether to worship you or think you're entirely mad. =D Regardless, that's one hell of an achievement, and there are some awfully gorgeous pairs of socks in there.

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