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    2.25 mm needles
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    $4.00 US

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September 11, 2007



I knew you'd put that Regia to good use!! The socks look great. BTW, I got the new Cat Bordi book and finally feel inspired to jump back into sock knitting.


I do have a skein of FC merino in my stash...

You are a rock star (a sock one anyway)!

It would be so awesome if you could take a picture of them all together when you're done.


It still breaks my heart that I did not make it into the STR club. Now, realistically, do I have time? No. But I would have MADE the time.

Steph VW

You're almost there! If you start to feel sluggish while knitting the last pairs, I believe there are several KOL members whose feet are between sizes 5.5 and 6.5... you know, in case you're lacking the will power to make socks to fit size 8s or bigger.


Oh, come now. We wouldn't ridicule you. We would maybe shake our heads at the goal and call the men in the nice white coats, but we wouldn't ridicule you... :D


You are amazing! It is so much fun to watch your plunge!! I can't wait to see Titania's Revenge in a solid so I can see what the pattern looks like. The pattern came free with an order of STR a few months ago, but I can't see it in the midst of all the colors, so I don't know if I want to knit it...
(and I agree with Terra - I want to see them all together when you're done)


I'm so impressed by your plunge progress! How do you get so much knitting done? I still haven't finished my June & August STR socks. I can't wait to see the new Knitty.



You are the Queen of Sock Knitting. Did you know that?

um...I have some fleece artist sock yarn that I'm undecided about what to do with it. Are you going to have a lovely for me??


Go WonderSockWoman Go!

And, if it doesn't happen, there will be no mocking here. You finish far, far, (far about 30x more) knitting projects than I do, and I don't have toddlers or a part time job - just a serious lack of focus. Sigh.

Keep up the sock- and shawl-ing.


Oh, I just say Fall Knitty and I have to say that your sock pattern looks so interesting. Thank goodness I got my sock mojo back earlier this week! :)


Just saw it! Very nice - you're very well-published I must say...I'm still working on my first submission.. I'm thinking spring.


Oh! You're Deb-who-knits-lots-of-socks-on-the-plunge! I checked out your blog from your Knitty pattern (which is seriously lovely...I love the construction!), and recognized your socks.


I love your socks! The ones in Knitty looks like fun- (but why is one pictured wrong side out?)
Good luck with the rest of the plunge:-)


Just saw the new socks on Knitty...GENIUS!

I have this pretty pretty Fleece Artist sock yarn that I think will be perfect for them!

*applauds wildly*


I love your new pattern in knitty! I'm definitely knitting them, have some beautiful semisolid zen yarn garden yarn that'll be great for it. Thanks for the fun pattern!


Hi Deb! Just saw the new knitty. Your socks are really neat, but I'm afraid of new things. Actually, I love the rib coming out of the ankle like that. so neat.
Not so afraid that I didn't take your advice about tuesday night. I went to the wired monk to meet the KOLers and had a good time. Thanks for the invite!


Wow! 52 pair in 6 months... V. Impressive!!! Although I have this odd idea of someone who decided to try to knit a sock a day for year - now that's crazy! (I was so shocked I forgot to bookmark it.) Great pattern on Knitty. I have a couple of balls of yarn that have been trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up and you've given them a new option.

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