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September 18, 2007



I'd love to see Thermal again. Eventually I will knit that one, and hearing about someone else knitting it might be an inspiration for me. (Of course, only knit it now - rather than later - if you want to. But that's my 2 cents.)


So, I was reading your Back to Basics pattern earlier...brilliant construction! I printed it out, I think it would make for an awesome pair of socks for Mr Moe (and would look great in trekking)


I love the Titania's Revenge socks. I don't think they are fugly at all. :)


Yay! Another pharmacist who likes knitting socks :D I actually think that the Titania's Revenge socks are pretty neat looking. The colour isn't quite me, but I do like the design. I bought that pattern a while ago because I liked the mock cable, but I like how the solid colour brings out the lace work more than the varigated does.


*I* said gratuitous kid shot.


My size 5 feet and I are very excited that you plan on posting a slightly smaller version of the pattern!


Your Citrus Orange socks are not Fugly - they are gorgeous! I hate that the top of a shoe has to cover the most beautiful part - that "cabling" across the top of the foot - they are awesome!

I have a size 9 foot & I get extrememly bored during the foot process. Have stopped it one too many times & my toes are scrunched in the sock - darn it!


Back to Basics is excellent, it looks like wearing a Robin Hood slipper over, you know, hose.


I was thrilled to see your Back to Basics pattern and plan on making it very soon! Did you get your markers yet? I've had some shipping woes it seems so I'm wondering if yours got there fine. Let me know!

stell from nz

retraction happily accepted, we want you totally sane so you can invent more mad and clever sock patterns!


I so love your Back to Basics pattern, just completed my first pair and I know more will be knitted this way.. my son wants some and at 17 that is good :)
Thank you for making this pattern available and hope more like this..
I wish you luck in your sock challenge, the ones I have seen are gorgeous and I love the orange ones.

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