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August 14, 2007



I love those Shannon socks. I'm not usually a fan of self-patterning yarn but that pattern is so subtle.

I too love self-striping yarn! Why have I never investigated Regia before?


Heh! I love Regia, too and often go back to Regia socks. Funny thing. :) [they also hold up really well!]


I have heard you are a fast knitter, but you are going quickly to knit up the second sock today! Good on you!
I am originally from Dartmouth, actually Port Wallis, but I am drawn to NS knitters and your blogs have been so full of Yarn Harlot that I am enjoying her in a virtual world.
I have some Regia silk, and since I have not knit socks for almost a year, I think I should cast on a pair today!
I was lucky enough (after much begging and sighing) to get a visit to Fleece Artist's studio. What a knitter's heaven! Where are you able to buy Fleece Artist mill ends?
I have the Sea Lettuce pattern and the more I see of it, the more I know I need to cast on for it!
Happy Knitting from BC!


Yes, where do you manage to snatch up those mill ends anyway?

I love plain vanilla socks in the self-striping yarn. It almost seems arrogant of the knitter to think she can "improve" the yarn by knitting it into a fancy pattern. And arrogance in knitting only ticks off the Goddess Of Yarn.

Hugs to your girl. Ear infections suck.


I saw that Sea Lettuce Scarf while standing in line at the Harlot event too! Maybe we were together at the time....anyway it was purdy! Yours is coming along nicely too.

I hope that nasty ear infection clears up in a hurry! My daughter's good friend had to have an operation yesterday, to put tubes in his ears. The infections just would not go away. Poor little guy.


you scarf is gorgeous! i just drooled all over my keyboard...
hope your little one gets over the ear infection soon. older son had quite a few when he was small, but somehow younger son (he's 7) has never ever had an ear infection. i hope i didn't just jinx that!


Pretty scarf ... but I am totally blissed out by the Regia socks -- the purple and pink one is gorgeous! I haven't seen that colour before 9we live in a small town, and I don't get out much! But Ww! wahat a nice colour!) I loves me a swanky, cheery, self patterning sock yarn! You sure do have some nice ones in the pictures!


"This post is so inspiring," she said to her first sock-in-progress, which currently consisted of about one inch of cuff. The sock-to-be looked back at her and nodded its agreement.

Irish Yankee

I just love the yarns. I just went online and ordered up a bunch. This is going to be a "Sock" Christmas. May I ask a dumb question. Is a Vanilla sock a plain one with no ribbing past the cuff? What is frogged? I see it so often but I knit alone and don't know some of the lingo!! Thanks for the help in advance!!


Hello - I'm the one who introduced herself at the Yarn Harlot. I've decided to come out of hiding - its the Regia post that made me do it. I love that stuff. I also had a question about the circular needles for socks. I'm pretty handy with the 5 needle business but would like to try the circs. Do you have any tips or suggestions that you could share?
And at your prompting, I'm working on setting up a blog of my own :)

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